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Hons third year suggestion finance & banking finance management

 Hons third year suggestion 

finance & banking 

finance management 

subject code 232415 

Hons third year suggestion  finance & banking  finance management

A Part 

What is investment deceision 

what is wealth maximization 

what is capital market 

what is CSR 

what is financial management 

what is risk 

what is business risk

what is premium

Elaborate CAPM 

what is sensitivity analysis

what is internal rate of return

what is risk adjusted discount rate

what is capital structure

what is optimal capital structure

what is dividend policy

what is stock split 

what is reverse stock split

what is sinking fun

 what is junk Bond

what are best efforts offering 

what is the elaboration of ipo 

what is right share

what is pre emptive right 

what is private placement

 what is     IPO

what is  money market

what is lease financing

what is sale and lease back

what do you mean by working capital

what is operating cycle

B&C part 

what is financial management

discuss the factors influencing financial decision 

Nurrate the three important decisions of financial hot are the factors altering financial decision

Discuss the sourecss of risk 

show the difference between risk and uncertainty

Discuss with n brief the techniques of capital budgeting 

Difference between CE approach and RADR approach

write short on CAPM.

Differentiate between net  incomen approach and net operating income approach 

what is meant by corporate office tax

what are the general be assumptions of capital structure theories

Explain the mm gordon.s model of dividend policy

what is zero coupon bonds ? why do investor buy it although it has no coupon internest 

what is the information content of dividing payment

how does it affect this share value

what is right share? what is mean by privileged subscriptions 

what is meant by pre emptive right

what is Bond refunding ? why is it done 

show the difference between right by issue and public offereing offering

Discuss different methods of lease

Distinguish between lease and purchase 

Discuss the different types of working capital

what Is meant by cash management

what are the objectives of working Capital Management

canvas ltd is considering two mutually beneficial exclusive  project. A and projected B. A  requires and iniitial  ---- nu 15 

preyntla conpurters is considering invesment in one of the --- nu 12 

Greeen company presently is an unlevered firm. the company  exectes --- nu 14 

There are two companies U and L. Where l is leverd firm and  u is unlevered firn which has no debt l firm --- nu 15 

ABCV ltd has the following capital structure nu 15 

The ABIR and co.s expected earing before interest and ---nu 12

Sun limited with  operating earning of tk 4.00.000 is --- nu 14

Yarn comany with net operating earnings of tk 30.000 is attempting to evaluate a number--- nu 16 

Rafi ltd has the following stock holders accoynt --- nu 15 

karnafuli paper mills  ltd has the following shareholder equity statement  nu 16 

Hillary inc is proposingba rights offering presently they have --- nu 16 

MR.Rahaman is thinking of acpuiring a car for that purpose he is to ---- nu13

mehrin is to decide whether s computer is to be purchased through 12% borrowing---.nu 16 

Following information are obtained form Nokshi traders-- nu 16 

As a management Accounted of alfa bangladesh company ---- nu 14 

Grahically explain the plicies of working capital --- nu 16 

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