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honours 3rd year examination 20 accounting finance Management

 honours 3rd year examination 20


finance Management


honours 3rd year examination 20 accounting finance Management


what is investment decision 

what is agency cost

what is agency proble

 what is finance management

what is capital market

what is risk 

what is business Risk 

what is correlation 

elaborate CAPM 

what is     ricsk adjusted discount rate

elaborate RADR 

what is premium 

what is indifference point 

what is arbitage process 

what is optimum capital structure 

what is arbitage 

what is debt capacity 

 what is price earning ratio

what is flotation cost 

what is hire purchase 

what is stock dividend 

what is preferred stock 

what is retention ratio

what is ubderwriting 

what is the elaboration of ipo 

 what is  money market

what is prosectus 

what is primary market

what is internal public  offereing

what is financing lease

what is operatiob lease

what is lease financing 

what is spontanceous financing 

what is working capital management 

what is net working capital 

part b & c.

Discuss the factors influencing financial decision  

Discuss the umportance of capital budgeting

Discuss the brief the techniques of capital budgeting 

Describe in berief the external factors determing  capital structing

which factors affecting dividend policy 

what factors affecting dividend policy 

what is zero coupon bonds. why do investors buy it although it has no coupon interst.

Distinguish between common bond and stock 

explain best effort method and firm conmitment method of underwriting 

Discuss different methods of lease 

discuss the objectives of lease financing as orgabized in bangladesh 

explain the aggressive approach of working capital  management 

preynta computers is considering invesment in one of the mutually exclusive projects  a and b. the cost --- nu 12

priya ltd is considering invesment in one of the mutually exclusive projects p&q. the fiems cost of capital is 15% and the ---- nu 17 

the risk free rate of return is 11%:and the marker return is 16% .---- nu 18 

The probability distribution of npvs to two projects age given below --- 18


two companies do you prefer and why --- nu 13

there are two companies you and l. where l is levered and I --- nu 15

Sun limited  with operating earning of taka  4.00.000 ---nu 14

the two company l levered and u --- nu 18 

ench - abdern cororation is considering ---nu 13

maria ltd has a cost if equity if 12% current market value---- nu 13

surma limited has a cost of equity of 12% --- nu 13

the following information are available for apu company 

nu 14 

jain company ltd 20.00.000 common stock outstanding in the market and ---nu 17 

the following data are of keya cosmeticses ltd nu 14 

moni cotton ltd has 50.000 shares outstanding and each is currently -- nu 12 

the star industries limited has 5.00.000--- nu 14 

The stock of the ocean company is selling for tk--- nu 12

mr roy own five shares of xyz ltd common stock--- nu 17 

rahim food company is proosing a right offering presently there are 3.00.00 --- nu 18 

mr rahamab is thinking of acquiring a car for that--- nu 13

a company needs to acquire an equire ab equipment that wil cost --- nu 12

nisab car ltd is faced with a decision to acquire ---nu 17

Abs ltd has been operating 24.000units of --- nu 13

zebra company has average age of inventory of 60 days ---- nu 15

pran rfl gives you the following information - nu 12

jamuna company has  annual sales of tk 5 million cost --- nu 14

the cost accountant provided with the following information--- nu 17 

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