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Hons third year suggestion 20 management management accounting

 Hons third year suggestion 20


management accounting 


Hons third year suggestion 20 management  management accounting

A part 

what is the celobration of AICPA

what do you mean by GAAP 

Elaborate GAAP 

what is the cost behavior 

what is the product cost

what is the manufacturing overhead

define conversion cost

what is prime cost

what is cost statement

what is sunk cost 

which costing method is useful is external reporting

which casting method is also known as full costing

what is marginal cost 

what is unavoidable cost 

define BEP

what is the contribution margin ratio 

what do you mean by margin of safety 

what is sales mix

what is opportunity cost

what is fixed cost

what is working capital

what is activity based budget

what is capital budgeting

what is flexible budget 

define cash budget 

what is IRR 

what is standard costing

what do you mean by variance 

what is material price variance

what is overhead variance

B & C part

Destinguish between management counting and finance accounting

discuss the role of Management accounting in the  decision making process in the business 

what is meant by product life cycle management

what is the purpose of cost classification

soda difference between expenditure and expenses 

discuss the feature of variable costing

what do you mean by absorption costing 

the differences between differential cost and  marginal cost

state the assumptions of cost volume profit analysis 

hot factors will you consider at the time of make decision 

what are the difference between fixed butget and flexible  budget

Distinguish between budget and budgetary

distinguish between and budgetary contrl 

Discuss advantages of flexible budget 

Moon Star company provided the following data for may 12 

nu 13 

the following information is obtained form the cost record of abc    manufacturing company nu 15 

the following data are the east west limited nu 13 

CDC ltd produces a  single product data for last years operations are the follows

the following figures of profit and sales are obtained form the account of x co ltd nu 15 

an analyse of past and future cost of the SM company revealed that the following information

ABC company sales budget for the thought quarter of 2012 nu 12

Sun manufacturing limited is examining the profitability of investing is new project. the following information is available in respect of the project nu 12

case company's interested to invest taka 50.000 Ina project . it is expected b follows the project is definite years. the cash follows from the project indefinite years would be as follows

The Apex company product definite types of leather goods . the sales revenue for the year taka 12.00.000 . the cost related definite information during the year war as follows nu 13

a manufacturing company has the following data for 2000 and 2001 nu 11

BSRM company is comparing is present

absorption costing prating with variable 

costing methods . an examination pockets product the following information nu 18;

the following data is extracted from the books of a company nu 13 

the operating result of a company for the last 2 years were following  nu 12

jahirul company manufacturers and sales a single product. the companyb sales and expense for return month follow nu 18 

the  jahan corporation is using 20.000 units of part m 5 as a component to assemble one  of its products . it cost the company of product it internally having itemized expenditures as follows nu 13 

Beximco product 9.000 unit in two shift. the cost of which are materials tk 1.35.000 . labour   taka 1.08.000 . factory overhead taka 72.00

TQM enterprises wants to install a machine costing tk 5.00.000 with a life expectancy of 5 years and taka 50.000 as residula value .-----nu 15 

from the following information is stupid by xyz.prepare a cash budget for the period form 1st  octobar 10 to 31 December 2010.nu 13 

jamuna ltd  is considering a proposal to install a new machine .the project will cost tk 1.00.000 and it's expected life is 5 years .---- nu 12

 prepare cash budget of green light ltd for August to september 17 form the data given below nu 18 

sun moon company is considering an investment proposal to intall new --- nu 13

the monthly budget for  the manufacturing overhead of a corner for two leaves of activity rs follows the expense but get for production of 10.000 units in a factory given below nu 18

the standard mix for producing 8.00 bottles of product x  is nu 12

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