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Hons 3rd year suggestion 20 marketing business statistics 2

 Hons 3rd year suggestion 20


business statistics 2 

subjet cod.232307 

Hons 3rd year suggestion 20 marketing  business statistics 2

A part 

what is business statistucs 

what is event 

what is joint  probability 

what is discrate random variable 

what is random variable 

what is the probability distribution  

what is sample 

what is population 

define degree of freedom 

what do you mean by census 

what is meant by sample survey 

what is parameters 

what is meant by type 1 error 

what is test of hypothesis 

what is the critical value 

what is degree of freedom 

what is rejection region 

what is small sample 

what is test statistic 

what is critical value 

what is chi square  test  nu15 

what is chi  dquare testb nu 16.18 

on what assumptions analysis of variance  is based 

what is F distribution 

what is partial correlation 

what is multiple regression 

define co efficient of correlation 

regression coefficient of x on y is 0.70 and y on x is 0.80. find the value of correlationb nu 12

what are the uses of partial correlation analysis?

what is dependent variable 

what is meant by r=+1.r=-1 and r=0

what is meant by multiple regression 

b part 

explain the concept of conditional probability 

write down the difference between a pariori and posterior of  probability 

different betweeb population and sample 

Distingusih betweeb sampling and non samling 

Discuss the procdure of testing hypothesis  

distinguish between z testing hypothesis

distinguisg betweeb z test and t test 

what are the assmumtion of ANOVA 

Discuss the model of multiple regression equations 

4 cards are drawn a pack of 52 --- nu 12

The avarage percentage of faliures in a ---+ nu bba 12

find the probability ---- nu 16 

A normal distribution has mean 21 & standard deviation è.find out probability that a random variblex is betweeb 16&18 

the mean and standard deviatiob of a binomial  distributiob are 4 and √2 respectively. ----

A audit officer has determined form prior experience the60% of his clients customers--- 

the meab length of life of a certain cutting tool is 41.5 hours with a standard deviatiob of 2.5 hours. -----

A random sample of 160 people is taken and 120 were in fervor of liberlizing ----  

A sample of 900 members is found to have  s mean of 3.4 cm. can it be ---+++nu 11

the average ----.nu.12

A Sample of 81 observations ---+ nu 16 

by using the following data----- nu.16 

c part 

what do you undertand by ---- nu 

discuss about hypothesis testing about population correlation coefficient 

show the dfferences between one way ANOVA  and two wat ANOVA

what are the imitations and advantages of multiple regressin analysis

explain the concept of multiple regression and rty to find  out --- nu 

A manufacturing firm produces steel pipes in 3 plants.--- nu 11

A manu facturing comapny plastic pipes--++ nu16 

A box contanits 8 ted blue 9 green balls--+ nu16:

A telehone operator receives 3 telephones--- nu 14

The mean of a binomia --- nu 18

in a simple random of 600 men taken form a big city--++.nu 08.12

progoty motors limited has 5 repressentatives, ---.nu.13 

the amount of money reqested on loan ---nu 16.

prices of shares on the different  days in a month were found to be.--nu 06 

the following results indicate --- nu 05.12

Atlas spotting goods has implemrnted---.nu 18 

mean and standard deviation of production pf the ---nu 16 

intelligence test on two groups of boyes and girs-- nu 16 

Two researchers adopted different ----.16 

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